Panel discussing Climate Tech issues at the FLII in Mexico.
Latin America

CATAL1.5°T present at the Latin American Impact Investment Forum 2024

05.03.2024  Erika Sánchez, GIZ
A quote saying: Necesitamos movilizar las grandes mentes, grandes corazones y sobre todo la gente comprometida en generar esos cambios (We need to mobilize great minds, great hearts and above all people committed to generate those changes) from Rogelio De Los Santos

Sharing the region's potential of the climate tech entrepreneurship ecosystem

The session counted with the participation of top level panelists: Ana Vanessa González from Fomento Social Citibanamex, Rogelio De los Santos from Dalus Capital, Adriana Luna, Director of the company Tierra del Monte and Christian Daube from Climate KIC.

From their different perspectives, they shared the potential, challenges and opportunities observed in the green tech entrepreneurship ecosystem in the region. They highlighted the importance of continuing to generate data and information to bring private capital investments closer to climate and technology ventures as a strategy for the fulfilment of the climate goals that humanity is trying to reach.

Rogelio De Los Santos, projected that the boom that Fintechs had will be small compared to the coming boom in the development of climate solutions and investment, "I'm not talking about the sector, but the awareness that we need to do what we can and find the best ways to support these initiatives and projects. We need to mobilise big minds, big hearts and above all people committed to making those changes," he said.

Ana Vanessa Gonzalez Deister from Fomento Social Citibanamex stressed the importance of having a more connected structure in the ecosystem that allows philanthropic funds and venture capitals to support emerging ventures in the region.
Christian Daube of Climate-KIC also called for ways to properly communicate what is happening in the ecosystem. "We have to see the impact that we are generating and that we are going to generate in the future because if we communicate it well we can keep moving forward".

Finally, the panel included the participation of Adriana Luna, who for years has been promoting her climate and technological venture, "Tierra de Monte", and urged to broaden the concepts of innovation to continue supporting more ventures like hers, which have a real potential for climate and business impact.


The CATAL1.5°T Initiative works in eight countries in the region (Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico) to boost and strengthen the climate and technology ecosystem through ideation, climate entrepreneurship community development and ecosystem capacity building.

Panel discussing Climate Tech issues at the FLII in Mexico.
From left to right: Erika Sánchez, Technical Advisor at GIZ Mexico, Ana Vanessa González, Director of Fomento Social Citibanamex, Adriana Luna, Director of the company Tierra del Monte, Rogelio De los Santos, Managing Partner of Dalus Capital and Christian Daube, Innovation Climate Climate Director for Latin America and the Caribbean at Climate-KIC.