2023 11 23 Launch of CATAL1 5 T Platform Africa Startup Connect Week 2023
West Africa

We launched the CATAL1.5°T Platform West Africa @ Africa Startup Connect Week

23.11.2023  Anna Deniz, GIZ

Introducing the West African CATAL1.5°T platform marks a milestone in our global endeavour.

“Meet. Connect. Start up!” was the slogan of the Africa Startup Connect Week in Berlin resonating well with CATAL1.5°T’s aim to accelerate local solutions for global impact. Sofia Abid, from Climate-KIC, and Olaf Seidel, from GIZ, presented the regional platform West Africa emphasizing the platform’s goal: cultivating early-stage climate ventures through investments and technical support. Keynotes from Yemi Keri, angel investor, and Georg Baunach, Climate Tech entrepreneur, highlighted African innovation in climate change and the untapped potential of the blue economy for Africa's net-zero plans.

Simon Effansa, co-Founder of Mountain Hub, and Hangyul Lee-Song, a researcher at Briter Bridges, joined for a subsequent panel discussion moderated by Frédéric Wils, the Global Coordinator of CATAL1.5°T. The session drew together a diverse audience comprising entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors interested in exploring the potential of Climate Tech in Africa and gave an insight into possible collaborations.

The event marked a strategic push for climate-focused initiatives in West Africa, emphasizing the intersection of climate and gender, increased investments, and diverse climate solutions.

Members from the CATAL1.5°T Initiative concluded that "it was exciting to see various players from Africa engaged in our panel, showing interest in how CATAL1.5°T can benefit the region."

Africa Connect Startup Week 
hosted in Berlin – Make-IT in Africa
2023 11 23 Launch of CATAL1 5 T Platform Africa Startup Connect Week 2023
Pictured: Matthias Rehfeld (GIZ), Frédéric Wils (GIZ), Simon Effansa (Mountain Hub), Olaf Seidel (GIZ), Hangyul Lee-Song (Briter Bridges), Sofia Abid (Climate-KIC), Yemi Keri (Rising Tide).